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Life sucks sometimes.

I was unhappy yesterday afternoon, so I went down town after work and splurged on some DVDs and a couple of games.  I bought:
* XXX (the movie, not porn)
* Code of Silence (old Chuck Norris movie - hey it was 12 bucks!)
* Star Trek VII - Generations
* can't remember the other one, will update when I get home

* Sims 2 for PC
* F1 2003 for PS2

I've been interested in the Sims for a while, but always getting distracted by something else whenever I try it.  I've never tried Sims 2 so far, so it will be interesting to see how I go with it.  I bought the F1 game because I miss Microprose Grand Prix.  They haven't come out with a decent F1 game since.  The funny thing is that retail therapy didn't help (you were right Sal), I'm still unhappy, but that's because I'm at work.

Speaking of work, I work for the IT department of a University, so we're subject to Government legislation on how our jobs are managed etc.  Apparently the government wants to change the way we work:
NO flexi leave
NO Annual Leave Loading
NO Overtime
NO Accrual of Long Service Leave
8 days per year sick leave - non accumulative

I think that has sealed it.  I'm quitting next year and becoming a teacher...

Edit: Just found out the NSW State Government is against these changes...

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