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My weekend

The weekend was much better than the last few.  I ended up taking Friday off to spend the day with Sally.  We went to Orange after lunch and did a bit of shopping, then I bought Sally a dressing table that matched her old bed and side table, which made her very happy.  On the way home we called into the pet stall and took home Lucy, which I have posted photos of already :)

Saturday and Sunday were just lounge about days, I just mucked around the house while Sally prepared for her week of prac this week.

All in all, we're both a lot happier than we have been, but still a little ways to go yet. :)

I'm off to go to the gym now in part of "The Overhaul".  I weighed myself this morning, and I think* it read 137kgs so if that was accurate enough, I'm off to a good start. :)

* Think as in the scales are electronic and it just kept going up and down around 137 but wouldn't stop on an exact figure. I think the batteries are going flat... must check that.
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