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See my drawing of a Pig :)
poke eyes out
It's also a personality test.

Before looking at my pig, draw your own first - http://drawapig.desktopcreatures.com/draw.asp

To view my pig and my supposed personality, click the following link:


Edit: Well that's really crap... the site doesn't work now :(

Edit 2: It's working now...

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Hey Chris, the links don't work :P but yeah I get the idea and am drawing my pig asap.


That's odd, they work for me :S

Not working for me either. Curse you and your non-existant pigs of doom! :P

Oooh, it's working!!

Nice pig :) But it kinda looks like a horse.


Here's my pig.

Pretty accurate, except I do have a strong sense of family, and am not a risk taker.

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