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(no subject)
I found this T-Shirt that Sally liked and wants... 

Problem is, they don't ship to Australia - they will ship to New Zealand, but not Australia, go figure - so I've messaged a friend of mine in the States to maybe send it to me. I hope she can. :)

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Wow, I didn't know you live in Australia...hmm...you learn something new every day :)

That I do :)

Yes, it's amazing how much you can know someone, and still not know everything...

like.. did you know... that Australia only got electricity 5 years ago!??! But at least we can still keep our pet kangeroo as our messenger and errand runner.

Oh and Chris, did you remember to unsaddle the horse and cart?

Im a dill.

Pay no atttention to me. Most of what i say is for my amusement anyway.

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