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A long weekend...

How do I describe my weekend... I'm not totally sure... parts were good, parts weren't so good.

Friday night, Sal and I went ten pin bowling with some friends.  I used to be good at bowling, but suck now, but a good time was had by all.
mickachu and skrop came down for the weekend for a bit of a break from their hectic schedule, so WoW was played. We played for much of Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday night was a dinner party that Sally had organised for her old school friends.  While I tried to fit in, Michael and Neil were struggling... ;)  Sorry guys, hope you weren't too embarressed.

Monday was a slow day, my brother Andrew had come up from Sydney to spend a couple of days up here so we could celebrate his birthday with him (it's actually in a week).  We attempted to have a game of golf, but only got 4 holes in due to rain.  Went over for dinner afterwards and had some discussions with Mum and Miche (sister in law).

Miche, my sister in law has also helped devise a personal training plan, and I've dubbed it "The Overhaul".  Basically, I am currently at 145.8 kilograms, and that a health weight range (or BMI) for my height (187.6 cm) is around 97 kgs.  So, starting this week, I've embarked on "The Overhaul", with the goal to lose 45 kilograms.  Part of the plan is to do some weight training as well, to try and define some muscle tone as well.  I started by waking up at 7.45am this morning and getting up and going for a walk.  I was determined to start and lose this weight, so the pouring rain this morning didn't stop me.  If my brother is not going to Sydney tonight, then I'll go to the gym for an hour as well.  If he does, then I'll just go home and ride the exercise bike for an hour.

What were the parts that weren't so good?  Well I've spent most of the weekend feeling pretty miserable, despite the fun in doing stuff with friends and family.

I got to work this morning and turned my work PC on, when I logged in the monitor decided to die.  A few of the IBM LCD monitors here at work have been faulty, so I wasn't surprised when my went.  So I've had to revert to using a 17 inch CRT monitor, 1024x768 at 70Hz and it's hurting my eyes. :(  Great way to start the week. :(


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Wow, good luck with the weight program.

I had a dream this morning that it was your (and Matt's) bro Andrew's birthday and Andrew Vaughan and his wife were with him at Johns having a dinner with the four girls here. Needless to say I didn't know Andrew's birthday was coming up (One of my teacher's lived on "Needless Rd" in Perth Scotland, and I always thought that was kinda funny). It then turned strange with a dessert party that required formal dress and a museum which featured the old Harvard University with separate quarters for gay men.

Chris, you're a brilliant person. You try as hard as you can at the things you cherish and enjoy. You'll never be alone.


Yeah. It's a product of sleeping until noon.


There is nothing embarrasing about my friends and I. Well maybe a little but there is no point beating around the bush.

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