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After the victory was had...
Well the CSU Nicks (do you get the joke?) returned to the winner's circle tonight with a decisive win over the Kelso High team which defeated us by 1 run a couple of weeks ago. We won by 157 runs to 81 which is a much better effort on our behalf - everyone doing their bit with Scott taking "best and fairest" for the game with 3 votes for the years tally, yours-truly picked up another 2 points, with Steve picking up the 1 point, completing the clean sweep for our team.

I finally found the song, as it was on TV when I got home today from work, it's the one I am listening to now. :)

Oh, well, I hope you feel better soon Scoie and stop head-butting cricket balls! ;)

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i swear the ball had it out for me, and my head was in that spot first the ball should have known that i cant catch with my forhead....we'll see who feels better in the morning tho...im betting on the ball unfortunalty.

From your inability to spell at the moment, I would too :P

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