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In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald today, elderly cardiac patients and doctors of the Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne were kicking up a stink about the fact that 18 beds were cleared so that Kylie Minogue could have an entire wing to herself when she came in for cancer surgery.  The SMH article were actually picking up on an article that the Herald Sun ran about the same topic:

ELDERLY patients needing heart surgery at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne were kicked out of their beds to make an entire wing available for Kylie Minogue. The pop princess, who is being treated for breast cancer, was allocated eight of the hospital's 18 cardio rooms in a move that angered Cabrini doctors and patients...Those visiting heart patients on the same floor as Minogue were forced to walk through intensive care and put through rigorous security before they could see
their sick loved ones.

Ok, let's look at the alternative.  Kylie is put in with everyone else of a general ward.  Scores of photographers pour into the Hospital and disrupt doctors and patients.  Now, why were they moved?  Why was Kylie given her own ward?  It’s also interesting that the article failed to mention the reason why these measures might have been necessary – "because the Herald Sun, like every other paper in the land, had photographers and reporters climbing all over the hospital."

I'm sure that the newspaper wanted an article about Kyle in Hospital and every little minute detail about her surgery, but when they couldn't get it, they turn nasty and make her out to be a selfish pratt.  GG journalists.  Why can't they just leave people alone?

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