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And they call it justice.
Schappelle Corby has been sentenced to 20 years goal for supposedly smuggling 4.1 kilograms of marijuana into Bali.

Good God what an attrocious justice system.

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:) It's quite telling that the asian people I talk to understand that cultures are different, and most anglos just have no idea.


I know their system is different. I've been told that the Philippine system is based on the Dutch legal system. However, from the information we have been presented (granted we could be given a horribly tainted view in favour of Schappelle) it looks like they've just ignored all the evidence that went in her favour.

I think in Indonesia you have to prove yourself innocent when charged. And if you think that's not uncivilised, it's what most of continental Europe has. I really don't think she has enough evidence to prove that someone else put the stuff there.

I mean, what that Australian jailee said was "hear say" and even in Australian courts it wouldn't be allowed.

The marajuana if she had sold it would have fetched a high price because the Westerners there would not be afriad to buy it from her (as opposed to buying it from a local who might be an undercover police officer) and if hydroponic the stuff would be better and worth more there than here regardless if she was a westerner or a local.

Corrupt baggage handlers to me sounds soo dodgy. I mean, it sets a precedent and why couldn't everyone argue that? I'm sure most of the Australian public would reject that argument if an Indonesian was coming to Australia for a holiday. It's like this blanket argument that would cover almost anything- oh the baggage handlers put the bomb in my bag, oh the baggage handlers put that rare gecko in my bag- and never is there any evidence that the baggage handlers did anything. It's a bit incredulous to me.

I can't really think of any other reasons.. can't really see how she could prove herself innocent..


Oh yeah, there's that whole but the Australian airport dudes didn't pick it up thing. I can't really say I know the procedure but I'm sure it's not as stringent as the scans for stuff coming in (especially for non-hand luggage) and I think it has it's flaws.


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