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Oh what a night...

Well...  what can I say.  Star Wars: Episode 3 was pretty smegging awesome.  That is all I will say for now, I do not want to spoil it for anyone.

Yesterday, we mucked around a bit, and drove into Penrith to get a few things.  groovemerchant picked up his new server, I'll let him tell you what it is :P  We also called into the Dick Smith mega store.  After we'd cleaned up Mick's and Duncan's drooling, we had a look at some UHF radios.  Andrew had to come back to Bathurst yesterday, so we were coming back in 2 cars (Andrew's van and my car).  We got the UHF radios to communicate between the cars.  It was hilarious, the van was called 'Popemobile' and my car was 'Jolly Roger' - it's number plate is ARR-62T, so yeah...

We had a lot of fun down at Andrews, and the trip home was awesome :)

Back to reality for me :(

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