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Hmmmm... Hattrick rules anyone :P

How about the DnD players handbook

Did I do that? :P

*hides again*

Oh, and yes I have a copy of the Hattrick rules in my draw :P

Gah the uni brought in this rule that everyone is allowed 500 pages free printing a semester and now the college I'm in is a part of this scheme too!! (After we paid for computers and consumables already..)What am I going to do? I've got like 160 pages left for 4 weeks!! Eeep!!

*Hides wallet from self*


400 wasnt it?

i have about 90 left...

and it only came in half way through..

and after this next essay and all its drafts i expect ill be using a copy card to top it up :(

perhaps i should just post again to be annoying

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