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Knowledge? Or lack there of?

For about 8-9 months now, I have been the 'Quiz Master' for my Church, and in that space, I've put together and run four trivia nights.  If you're unaware of the awesome concept that is a trivia night, basically, you put together a table of 6 to 8 people and that is your team.  Your team competes against other teams in answering trivia questions, presented by a Quiz Master, with the goal of scoring points for correct answers.  There are many ways to run them, I tend to have rounds of 10 questions with some bonus material in between. 

Friday night was the fourth one I ran, and all in all, it ran pretty well.  However, I've hit a bit of a stumbling block in my preparation or how to go about the next one should the occasion arise.  The problem is that there seems to be an age rift in knowledge.  Definitely on Friday night, there was an issue with the questions I had, where a team of, shall we say, elderly people, of ages at least 55+ struggled to do well.  On some rounds they did well, and better than others, but over all, they finished sixth out of seven teams.  The ages of the other tables averaged probably in the high 30's to 40's.  The winning table was of the latter age bracket, with the second place team (by a single point) would have averaged around 18.

My problem is that while roughly 70% of the people were able to do well on the questions I provided, the people that didn't were aged over 55.  What would be a sufficient solution? Introduce more factual questions such as locations, geography and science, at the expense of entertainment, movies and music, or introduce questions from a closer era to these people?  The former would mean that the table in question probably would have done a lot better, making the top 4 teams a lot closer.  The latter would mean the older people would do better and the younger people wouldn't do so well.

As a side point, an element of the bonus material I sometimes provide in between rounds is a 'Guess that tune' sort of thing, where I play a clip of music, and the teams have to write down the name of the song/piece of music.  The order of teams was about the same (give or take a few differences) as the overall points from the rounds, but the 'elderly' table scored dismally (about 10% correct compared to average of 60%) - However, the music, in their defence, was probably a bit too newish for them (One comment I overheard from the table while playing the intro to Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell was "That's not music, that's just noise" kind of sums it up).

Definitely something to ponder the next time I drag out the trivia notes.


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