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(no subject)

The server I have on my adsl connection was hacked the other day.We're not sure how they got in, possibly though an FTP vulnerability is the most likely option.  To my knowledge, they haven't done anything malicious apart from changing the root password, which is stopping us from getting in and doing any system changes.  It annoys me that people do this sort of thing. I have to fix it!

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Griggle is going to take a look at it tonight... this is the sort of thing he'd be good at - system recovery etc...

I need to find a new hdd to do a rebuild... *now where did I put that other 30gig*

fuX0r who ever did it.

chris you would be worlds bestest haXor if you wanted to be... so just use your uber l337 powers for revenge upon the 3Vil d0ers.

is this the server for hatstats too? bugger hey...

Yep, so we're working frantically to get it back online...

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