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and it turned so cold...

Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning were glorious days, very sunny, warm, although cool in the shadows.  Then Sunday afternoon, it turned cold, oh so bitterly cold.

This weekend was a buzz of activity for me...  Friday night-saturday morning, my friend Geoff visited for a WoW bash.  This little thing started when I visited Geoff a month ago or so in Parkes (where he lives) for a WoW weekend. Looks like it's my turn to head to Parkes again sometime :P

Saturday we spent the day out at the Vaughans.  My brother in law ran a DnD day which was a lot of fun.  It was pretty much vanilla DnD 3.5 edition, with a slight 'Andrew Twist'.  Those of you who know Andrew should know what I mean ;) - very enjoyable all the same :)

Saturday night, we played WoW again, Neil and Mick had travelled to Bathurst for the DnD and were staying at my place so of course they brought their PC's (I have ADSL - 'nuff said).  We played till 3am I think.  Sunday then we went to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at the 'Metro'.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I'll need to re-read the book, except that every book shop in Bathurst has sold out, but I'll also watch it again once I've read it (it'll have come out on DVD by then).

Then last night, seeing Mick and Neil weren't working today, they stayed the extra night and we played WoW till 2am again.

*Looks how I've described the weekend*  God, we're nerds :S
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