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The weekend that was...

What weekend?!

Like usual, the weekend wasn't long enough.  This morning, I woke up very exhausted and still needing about 10 hours sleep to catch up.  Sal and I went to Newcastle for a friends wedding on Saturday, but not before staying at Sal's brothers house.  Friday night was a lot of fun, drove down after work and caught up with Sal (we'd been apart for a week) and Andrew and played a bit of WoW on our new laptop that arrived on Friday - Problem number 1.  This meant I did not sleep until about 2am (Andrew and I mucked around a bit ganking night elves while it was installing on the lappy).  That morning, we didn't get away from Blaxland till 1pm, with the wedding starting at 3 in Newcastle (3 hours away).  The drive was long and boring - Problem number 2.  Long drive = sleepy chris.  We made it ok, but we missed the wedding.  I was pretty angry with myself, and unfairly snapped at Sal (which I have apologised for and still do - Sorry hun :)).  We found the hotel and got ready for the reception an hour earlier than we thought.  I developed a minor migraine during this time (problem number 3) which kind of ruined the evening for me, while it was still ok - I tried to enjoy myself.
We left the reception at 9.30 and went back to our room (reception was in the same hotel we were staying), where I ended up reading.  The room, while quite nice, didn't have adequate air conditioning unless we wanted to stay awake the whole night due to the noise it made, so we ended up sleeping with the balcony door open, which in hindsight was probably no better than the aircondition due to the noise the waves on the beach were making.  Due to the uncomfortable night, didn't get to sleep until 3ish - problem number 4.

We left Newcastle straight after checkout at 10am and headed back to Sydney.  Sal wanted me to stay the night and take Monday off, but I really couldn't due to having to work back about 7 hours flexi and a meeting with our Church minister that evening.  We went into Carlingford to have some lunch and then I dropped off Sal at Strathfield so she could sort out some shopping issues before going back to Andrews.  I dropped Sal's stuff off at home and headed off back to Bathurst.  I got back about 3.30pm, met with the minister and then went home. Stuffed.

I wanted to play WoW, but someone didn't want to help me out so I solo'd my mage for a bit - something low level due to the lag.  I hate Sundays.  A day I have nothing else planned, I usually want to play WoW, but I Can't because of the lag Hatstats creates (webserver on the adsl connection I use).  I mean I love having the webserver it's great, I just wish there was a way I could partition the bandwidth so that WoW would at least be playable.  I gave up at 8.30 and checked out the movies and decided to go see Sahara.  It was a cool movie, I enjoyed it a lot - 8/10.  It was a 9.30 movie so I didn't get home till 12ish.  I went to bed after playing my mage for another hour (levelled her to lvl 10) and then read the last of my book - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Problem number 5.  I ended up reading the last 5 or so chapters, as I couldn't put it down, thus only getting to sleep at 3.50am.

So, in a word - Stuffed. :P

PS Miss you Sal :)

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