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I feel sorry for the person who they chose for the role of the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The poor thing has been subjected to hundreds of hate websites from all the people who are jealous of this person getting the part. The author JK Rowling requested that the person chosen for Cho's role was to be completely unknown, so that put a lot of asian descent actresses out for a start. Then on the day, 4000 hopefuls turned up for the part, and Katie Leung decided to audition 'on a whim', without having shown any interest in acting before now. It's sad that people will stoop to the level of trying to tarnish someones reputation just because they beat you to something you wanted. Sure they have every right to be disappointed, but to go to that level is somewhat childish (the audition was for 17-18 yo's - so there's some assumption that people by this age are at least starting to be mature) and unnecessary.

I say good on her and best of luck, I, for one, can't wait for the movie.

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Poor girl.

....I'd do her.

hrm... I was kinda worried about what response you'd have... Asian girl with a scottish accent... down boy! :P

Aye, laddy. She makes my sporran fly aboot! Och, I'd go doon to her fields of heather anytime. Hoots, man!

Oh, tell sally that many people thought the asian chick off Neighbours should have got the part... I disagree with this... I'd never forgive the producers if Cho had a kiwi accent! (no offense to New Zealanders - it just doesn't fit the profile of the storyline)

She can't act though :P

I don't know. Never seen her.

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