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I spent the weekend out in Parkes visiting a good friend and his girlfriend.  I had a lot of fun, we both play World of Warcraft, so I took my PC with me and we had a bit of fun playing some WoW.  He even helped me get my rogue back on track which had got stuck somewhere because of choice of skills had rendered the character pretty much useless and wasn't able to progress.  Because I had an entire weekend dedicated to WoW, I was able to do a couple of high end instance runs with my main character, a Level 45 priest. 

For those that know me would not be surprised to hear that my two highest level characters are a priest and a paladin - healing classes.  I don't know why I'm attracted to playing those two types of characters, maybe because I like helping people, and as a priest, you definitely do that - it's your job to keep the rest of the party alive!  So, we went to Maraudon and we only had a couple of deaths, which I didn't amazingly enough (a priest can resurrect other people).

I'll probably have a couple of days off WoW (or try to) because of this weekend, and try and do something different, going to spend some time with Sally while she finally has some holidays.

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Caretta (priest) has had her mount since the moment she ticked level 40... selling d/e items is the key ;)

Next is Cecilia my paladin, Level 39, she gets a free mount ;)

My rogue is 28, so a little while to go there...

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