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(no subject)
Still no word from CU... I can't help but feel I didn't get it. :(  Apparently there are some programming jobs going at ASIO... Cooooooool ;)

I got an email from Apple today saying my IPod Mini has been shipped YAY!

Edit: I got the dock for it today, which I was told was shipped yesterday, so they're coming over night, which is good. Should have the IPod tomorrow. :)

Indoor Soccer was okay last night.  The new competition has been changed slightly from the last one.  Last season, there were two divisions of roughly six to eight teams, with the top 3 in each playing off against the other division.  Well this season, the divisions have been merged (probably after a bit of a debarcle where the orgnaniser swapped two teams, causing one of them to lose a real chance at the finals) to one competition with 12 or so teams.  Obviously they played us against our nemesis team, and nothing could separate the two teams, except for one stupid mistake from our keeper, giving them a penalty. So, we lost 1-0.  However, it was just a practise match, so you can bet your life I won't do that again.

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practise makes perfect >.<

for the mood i'm in now the practice i would like to do i would like to do over and over but ignore me ;P

good luck with the other matches though <3 :cuddles:

Too right ;)

I think we have one more practise game then it's the real season.

put anna as a friend so she can see your posts!

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