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Once in a while...

I actually post something... :S  I am even behind in my online comic reading!

So what's been happening that might drag me away from my beloved journal posting?  Well not much actually, but said not much is quite astronomical in size.  The said not much can be broken into a few smaller pieces however, being World of Warcraft, Work and Looking for said work.

The already described not much might also be increasing in magnitude also, as I have just purchased a slimline PS2 with Grand Turismo 4, which I am told is a really evil game. *grin*

World of Warcraft is a lot of fun, I've tried a lot of characters and have settled down as a Human Priest.  I'm level 36 at the moment, and pushing for level 40, which means I can have a horse to ride on (makes all that travelling a little more pleasant but costs a butt load) and it opens up to a whole new part of the game - instances and raids.

Work is going ok, still at Charles Sturt University, but am looking for work in Canberra.  Sally wants to teach there so I'm busying myself with looking for work there.  I'm waiting on the result of one interview which I had last week actually and the waiting is painful.

We also won the Mixed indoor soccer comp last week too, which isn't bad for a new team.  Third season, and 2 grand finals and 1 win.  Although, what does that say about the competition :S

Well, I better get back to work, and I'll leave by making my ever transparent promise that I never keep - I'll try to post more regularly. ;)

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