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Cont. from yesterday

Robert Peov had planned to sell his Nissan Skyline sports car to pay for his wedding next month.

However, the 21-year-old P-plate driver, from Chester Hill, died behind the wheel on Monday night. His fiancee, Joanna Mourani, 20, a front-seat passenger, also died.

The driver's 17-year-old brother, travelling in the back seat, suffered severe head injuries and last night remained in a critical condition in Liverpool Hospital.

The crash follows a similar incident on the Central Coast last month in which three teenagers were killed in a Nissan Skyline driven by a P-plater, and comes during intense political debate about the dangers associated with P-plate drivers.

Police said yesterday Mr Peov and Ms Mourani were crushed in the car after it clipped the front of a four-wheel-drive on Milperra Road, Milperra and rammed into a power pole.

The collision was so forceful it tore the car into pieces and scattered debris over more than 50 metres.

Witnesses told police the car was travelling "at extreme speed" alongside another speeding car in the 70kmh, two-lane zone.

Yesterday the families of the victims said that they had planned to sell the car to finance their wedding next month.

"I can't say nothing because they both were more than words," Ms Mourani's brother, George, told Channel Seven through tears last night.

The Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit commander, Senior Sergeant Peter Jenkins, said the crash scene was one of the worst in recent years.

"It was a scene of total devastation," he said. "We have a vehicle that has been torn in pieces. I don't know if words can put it into a proper description."

Police are still looking for the driver of the second car, a silver vehicle similar in make to Mr Peov's Nissan Skyline.

They believe the driver was racing with Mr Peov when the crash occurred, at the corner of Marigold Street.

But Mr Peov's sister, Sambo, rejected the possibility.

"I've been in the car with him - he's not that stupid," she said.

The 42-year-old driver of the four-wheel-drive, who was attempting to turn off the M4 ahead of the two cars, was treated for minor injuries then released from hospital.

Inexperienced drivers in Victoria and NSW will trial a P-plate training course which could be made mandatory, at a cost of $100 million, by 2007.

If the scheme works, it could be introduced nationally.

The course will include classroom discussion, one-on-one and demonstration driving.

NSW drivers holding the first stage of a P licence will also be banned under the law from driving V8-powered, super-charged and turbo-charged vehicles.

As well, young drivers will be restricted from carrying multiple passengers if they lose their licence.

"They believe the driver was racing with Mr Peov when the crash occurred, at the corner of Marigold Street.
But Mr Peov's sister, Sambo, rejected the possibility. "I've been in the car with him - he's not that stupid," she said."

Bull shit.  There's only one reason he ended up in a telegraph pole.  I don't know why this sort of thing has me in a knot, it just does.


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That kinda looks like what happened to Gabe when he crashed a stolen RX7 into a fence and got minced a few years back. Although he was getting chased by police and there was guns and drugs in the car...

So if he wasn't that stupid, how exactly do they explain *that* level of destruction of the car? Either it was made of freakin' GLASS or that car was travelling at one hell of a lick.

I realise that it hurts to lose a family member, and it would be painful to admit that someone you loved died because they were doing something really, really stupid, but... yeah. Bullshit.

I think there's a good argument in favour of restricting the power level of vehicles driven by new drivers. They do it for motorcyclists, and it *works*; Australia has one of the lowest motorcycle accident rates in the world, because almost all of us (those motorcyclists who ride reasonably within the law) have had plenty of practice riding machines with limited power, acquiring experience at and control of riding them, before we get on machines with real power.

The same should apply to cars - with a lot more reason, since motorcyclists tend to kill themselves first and foremost when they do really stupid things, while car drivers... don't.

yeah but don't you think that there are ways around power restriction. I mean, WRX's are 4 cylinders aren't they? They aren't an extremely big engine, and yet they are an incredibly fast type of car. And lots of others, you can just supe up small little hatch backs or 4 cylinder sedans.

Heck, I can get an 89 subaru wagon up to 150 down hill. chris dont tell mum that. i dont do that anymore.

It's the power to weight ratio they restrict. Yes a WRX is a 4 cylinder car, but a it's a turbo and b its really really light so the power to weight ratio is massive. It's that kind of thing they're looking to restrict.

Yes all cars can get up to high speeds, it's the rate at which they can reach those speeds we need to limit as well.

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