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I feel odd.

Well, to tell the truth, I feel a lot better than I did this morning.  This morning, I think I was very close to snapping.  Don't ask me what said snapping would entail, as I'm not quite sure, but I did feel very close to it.  Why was I close to snapping?  Well, it's Monday to start with.  I arrived to work to find a problem with a form I wrote.  I should have looked at the optimistic side and been thankful that it was the only problem the testers could find, but I felt defeated for some reason when I learnt of this problem.  I spent most of the morning trying to debug the form and find out what was wrong to no avail.  I went to lunch feeling quite frustrated.  Whilst on my way home, waiting to enter a roundabout, an egotistical dickhead was in a bit of a hurry behind me and starting to beep at me to move on.  I couldn't, because cars were in the way obviously.  But he continued to beep me and I could see in my mirrors that he was getting quite irate and shouting something I thankfully couldn't hear.  I remember thinking how much it would take for me to get out, walk back to his car and smash his face in.

Well, since lunch I've resolved the problem with my form, and have had a break away from my desk with a video conference with Wagga for something to do with our new file deployment system.  It's something to do with the whole change management thing we're going through.  Needless to say, I'm feeling quite a bit better.

The weekend was strange.  Not strange funny, not strange weird either.  Strange in the way that I learnt something.  Without going into details because there's too much to divulge and I'm sure that anyone that would have read it, would have their head expload into tiny pieces.  But basically, I learnt something about myself.  I'd like to thank my wife Sally for helping me learn what I learnt, and indeed it was a very important lesson.  Some things in my life are what you might call "batchelor" things.  I learnt that it's time to move on in life, start doing more around the house and with Sally.  Interpret it how you will, but some things in my life are going to change starting now.

As I said, I feel odd.

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