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NSW State Mixed Indoor Soccer - Day 1

Our first day was good. The Championships are being run together with the Senior Mens Championships as well, so we're having to wait for games sometimes. The last game tonight is at 9.30, we finished at 6 though.

We had one practise game to get to know the tighter rules and to guage the opposition. We won this game 6-0 but it was quite a hard and fast game, although hard and fast is our teams best way of playing. Then at 5.30 was our first competition game. It was important to get off to a good start, and we did just that, dispatching the home team (the team that has the owner of the stadium in it) 3-1. I was a bit disappointed in myself for letting in the one goal, as it was a bit of a gimme, and I only made a half-hearted lunge at it. I really should have covered it properly, but as they say hindsight is perfect.

There are only 6 teams, so the rest of my team mates put us in the top 2 so far. Personally, I put us 3rd or so, but that's just me, I like to talk us down so if we do really well, I'm really excited! :) There is only one team that we haven't seen play, which were a local team (luckily they gave the really late games to the local teams as they don't have far to go).
Seeing I'm the number 1 keeper, after 2 games I was pretty stuffed, so tomorrow will be tough with 4 competition games, but that also could be because I'm coming off the flu.

Anyway, that's about it... I'll take my digital camera tomorrow and try and get a few pictures.

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