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(no subject)
Just a quick message to say hi.

Tomorrow start the New South Wales State Mixed Indoor Soccer Championships. My team from Bathurst has been entered with 5 other teams from the state, supposedly the best in their area. We have no idea how well we'll go, so we can only hope to have high hopes. Competition starts Saturday afternoon (tomorrow), going over Sunday, with the finals on Monday (a public holiday in Australia for those overseas).

Wish us luck!


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Good luck Chris :) Are you playing? With the god of lj on the side.. can't really go wrong can you? Man, that sounds like a pretty intense schedule.

Yep, I'm the main goal keeper for the team, although I have short bursts on the main field :)

Sunday is going to be a killer.

Well may you have more luck than the kickers...

Have fun dude, i look forward to hearing the results on here.

After today we're pretty confident, but it'll be tough. We have some great players, but I'm sure we'll do ok :)

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