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The Professional
Just a quick update while I'm waiting for my VHO match to finish.

I just finished watching The Professional.

My thoughts?  Wow.

A very powerful movie, IMO.  Just reading some information on IMDB about it, the version I was watching was definitely the US released version where a fair bit of footage was taken out.  After reading what was taken out of the US version, it does make sense and solve a few questions I had about the movie, but that said, by itself, it was still a very moving and powerful story.  It left me pretty speechless at the end.

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I loved it... It was sad when Stan got Leon at the end, but then he gave him a little present ;)

From what I read about the 'full' version, it kind of gives a kind of a different perspective on the story...

*reads about it*

....oh my. those wacky frenchies!

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