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About time for an update...  I'm a bit pissed with myself at the moment.  I tried replacing a headlight bulb on the car and then proceded to lose it in the front of the headlight.  It's a bit much to explain, but let's just say it's un-retrievable for myself.  I'll have to take the car to the mechanic and see if he can retrieve it before I go smashing the headlight.

Anyway, the weekend just gone was fun.  We had a surprise farewell party organised for groovemerchant, but seeing that Andrew is subconciously paranoid, I'm not sure how much of a surprise it was. ;)  Anyway, the party went off really well and we all had a great time watching Swedish Chef movies.

Sunday was soccer to start with.  We were 6th going into the game, with 4th only 1 point ahead of us.  We were playing 3rd, being the last game of the season before the finals, a win would put us into the finals (we had a forfeit from another team come in this week to, so in affect we were actually 4th already before the game started - a win would all but confirm a finals berth).  Once again it took us a goal against us to switch on, but it didn't take us long to tie the game and then go in front.  We made it 3-1 by half time and Red Tops were reeling (expecting us to be pushovers).  The second half they reduced the score to 3-2 but then we put it out of reach with a 4th goal.
The win puts us into the finals after we started the season at the bottom of the table.  After a few rounds we moved off the bottom two as Scotts and All Saints really did suck. ;)  We've had some good results the last 3 weeks to put us into 4th.  Next week we play City Red Tops again in the first Semi Final.  The other Eglinton team finished 2nd and plays Churches United for a chance to get into the Grand Final a week early.

After soccer, I went out to groovemerchant's place for a D&D bash.  We haven't had one for a few months, and I was looking forward to it.  Eldon was our DM this time and the quest he started us on in Feb this year was enjoyable, apart from the fact that Andrew pissed off a Lich and we thought we were fish food.  However we managed to make it through... just and continue on.  Once again it was very enjoyable.  Due to our inability to secure Eldon for many more D&D days, I've decided to start looking into becoming a DM, I know I should be playing heaps before I do, but we don't know of many D&D games going around these days, so if I be a DM we can have heaps more.  I've found a really cool campaign to do that's done for me to start on and then maybe after a couple of campaigns, I might have a go at designing my own.  Baby steps. ;)

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