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And now, in the latest in the series 'A week in the life', we bring you 'A week in the life of Chris!'

Something to make me post! :P

Monday.  Glorious Monday.

I hate Mondays.

I had finished my job application for a level six position in Planning in Audit last night, so I had to go in to work early to make sure it was handed in before 9am.  This is not usually my custom.  Early just isn't my thing, as my wife can attest to.  Although I am happy with 9am, usually it's around 9.15 before I get to work.  I wouldn't mind changing this apart from the fact that I enjoy staying up.

I got to work at 8.30am this morning and went over to the Human Resources office to hand in the application.  Of course, there was no one there.  All the lights were still out and not a soul was anywhere to be seen.  Twenty minutes later, at 8.50am, someone finally turned up and accepted my application.  I was relieved.  It was submitted, over and done.  I really hate doing job applications.  I am fine in the interviews, just don't expect me to do an application and like it

Today I spent most of my time trying to figure out a bug in a program I fixed about a month ago.  For some reason one of the tables I added an insert for was throwing a unique constraint error.  It took me 5 hours to figure out all I needed was to add the sequence number field to the select (when getting the information first) and then inserting the same number instead of 1 (that'll teach me to copy and paste).

In the middle of this was our weekly status meeting with the project team.  When I say project team, I mean all the applications developers that are on projects at the moment.  We have a weekly meeting on Monday morning to update everyone where we're up to.

The rest of the day was working on a new report for the current project I am on, which after a short meeting with Student Admin (the client) meant that I had to do a fair bit of back tracking as well as redesign a table that we created.  So I now have a 9am meeting with the programmer who designed the tables to finalise the change we want to make so I can continue working on this report.  This was about 4.30, so I played DX Ball for 10 mins until Sally arrived to pick me up.

Got home to find that the newest addition to the Hatstats network had php register globals turned off.  Usually this wouldn't be a big deal apart from the fact that the Hatstats code was written by someone else 2 years ago, before the register globals feature.  So tonight I sat down and changed all the variables that were obtained and changed them so that they can use the predefined variables that hold the values when register globals is off.

Sally insisted that we play a board game tonight, so we all sat down and played 'Game of the year'.  Needless to say I lost... miserably.  I always do at board games...  I'm just not any good with the luck thing.  Dice rolling kinda sucks too for me.  Unless it's a D20 ;)  They are just damned cool.

Well, that's about it for the first installment of a Week in the Life...  Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for Tuesday - Trivia Quest!


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