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Sally was complaining I never post anymore, so I thought I'd post...

Yes, despite popular belief, I am alive, and if you hear otherwise, these reports are greatly exaggerated. ;)  I have been quite busy of late with various things around the place.  Firstly work, being a part of the government HEIMS project has us running at the whim of the government, but apparently we're doing well.  CSU has been rated in the top 3 out of the 38 universities in Australia for preparation for the new HEIMS system and I can say I had a hand in that.  We are working flat out to meet the deadlines, and there's a hell of a lot of work involved (although I shouldn't go into any detail - I could get into trouble apparently).

I've been doing a fair bit of work on Hatstats lately.  Hatstats, for the uninitiated, is a statistics website for the online game Hattrick.  I am one of the developers for the website.  My current project for Hatstats is providing a multi-lingual feature for users to view in a language other than english.  It's going well at the moment, it's just time consuming.  I have to insert calls to a language file to the current programs which is very time consuming.  Up until last night I had been working on the format of the language file, and put out requests for it to be translated.  One person had it translated into Brazillian Portugese inside half an hour!  Another person is translating it into Hebrew, which will be quite a challenge as it has a reverse direction (right to left instead of left to right).  It took me most of tonight to insert the new language file into one program.  So over the next few days when I get spare time, I'll insert the new language files into the rest.

On the Home front, we're working on doing some more around the house, I think Sally has some plans for this weekend to do some fixit things.  Fixit things are not really my specialty, I get angry when I drop a screw when I'm trying to screw it into the wall.  I don't know why, but if I drop a screw, I feel like putting my fist through the wall... *shrugs*  We've booked in a interior design company called Kelso Kitches to add some wall units to our lounge room to go with our new Piano, and I've ordered some new phones for the house.  Our current cordless phone is a hand-me-down, and is starting to grow thin on the reception, so I've ordered a new one.  I also got a new phone for my study, so I don't have to get up from my desk to answer the bloody phone. *grin*  It's pretty cool, it's a Uniden FP203, with caller id and speaker phone, although I think I have to activate something with Tel$tra to make the caller id work...

On the sport side of things, we're having a holiday break from indoor soccer just while public schools are on holidays.  It's just a two week break and then we continue.  We're still winning our competition with only the one loss.  The finals are coming up soon and they'll be interesting.  The finals system at for our competition is organised so that the top 4 teams from our competition play the top 4 teams from a 2nd mixed teams competition (all mixed teams were split into 2 divisions randomly at the start of the season) so in the finals we play teams we haven't played before. 

Outdoor soccer we're not doing as well... We've only had a couple of losses but we have lots and lots of draws.  We seem to always start well, getting in front early, but our endurance and defense weakens as the game goes on, especially in the second half.  We let them come back and tie the game or win.  I am enjoying myself playing as a defensive winger.  Sometimes I make forward runs, but I tend to stay back as our forwards like a lot of room.  I've had some powerful crosses into the centre, a couple of which almost finding their mark.  It's a great feeling to have created a cross to a forward who can then latch onto it and score... Hopefully before too long I'll have made one of those. :P

On the personal side, I've had a few to many close calls with possible abrupt death lately, and for some reason they've involved trucks.  About a month ago, I went to a Fellowship dinner with my Dad to a friends place at Meadow Flat (30mins towards Lithgow from Bathurst).  At the end of the night coming home, we over took a small truck with a trailer.  10 mins further on, and we're going down a long down hill section that goes back up over a crest, this truck has overtaken us back going back up over this crest and then starting moving in on us before it had fully past us.  Dad had to slam the brakes on before the trailers wheels rode over the front of the car.  That was pretty scary, we reported it to the police but they didn't do anything.  Then just last week, we almost got squished by a semi trailer truck when he tried to turn left from a lane in the middle of the road (to go straight ahead - we were in the turning left lane).  Needless to say I hate trucks.

Anyway, I'm sure that's enough for now.  I need to sleep. Night.

PS, I'm sure you'll like this icon Mick. :P


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