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I have a webcam!

Well, I'm just taking a few seconds out of my clean up here. I had Scoie over for the weekend, we did some modding and I borrowed a friends webcam. The webcam is so that I don't have to take images. Yes I am lazy :P

I will get the photos of the mods developed and scanned as soon as I have, they look pretty swanky. Even Scoie thinks so. :)

I am just working on my personal site at the moment...

Went to Sydney on Saturday to meet with my brother and pick up his deceased PC. We had to buy some new stuff for it, so hopefully we can get it going. My brother is into his 4th year of Uni, so he'll need it pretty badly, and Macq Uni is ghey when it comes to public PCs...

I'll post again when the site is fixed up.

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