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(no subject)
Hi all...

Sorry for being a bit quiet and boring there...

I really have been quite busy in the last few weeks with various things, on top of being very busy at work meaning no play for Chris.

I did want to show you a new toy today...

And no it's not the cat. :P

What's been happening in the past few weeks?

Well, at work I've been working hard on a new project that started a while ago which I've been brought in on. That's been keeping me rather busy and lately I've been coming home rather exhausted.

With Bucalan, we've been having some good times, and Harvey Norman are starting to look favourably on us. We had an organisers meeting last weekend and we had decided to reorganise our servers, so I've been doing that, including a windows update server which is proving to be quite challenging.

Not much else has happened. :)

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nice monitor, that will make packing the car that little bit easier!

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