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What a weekend...

Well, I am back at work today after taking yesterday off.  Sally was sick with some throat thing so she wasn't much good to anyone.  She asked me to stay home, and like the good doting husband I am, I did.  It was actually a welcome rest I needed as well, after a very very hectic weekend.

My family went to watch the Sydney Swans v Hawthorn on Sunday, with the return trip taking us 16 hours over 2 days for a game that was only 200km away. Work that one out. :)

As it was a family thing, for Stephen's 21st, we had to get Matthew there, who is living in Canberra at ANU.  So we drove to Goulburn where we were to stay Saturday night (3 hours), had dinner and then travelled into Canberra to pick Matt up (2 hours return).  Sunday morning we drove into Sydney to the game (3 hours), met up with the rest of the family at Fox Studios, had lunch and then went and watched the game.  The game was a nailbiter, a scrappy 1 point win to the Swans.  As such is the way with every Swans game, you have to wait about 30-45 minutes to get out of the carpark as 25,000 people are all trying to leave the same place at once.  Once we did get away, we took Matt straight back to Canberra (3 or so hours) and then drove back to Bathurst (4 hours).  By the time we got to Cowra, Mum, Dad and I were absolutely stuffed to say the least, having driven 6 hours to that point.  Mum and Dad then shared the last hour home, getting in at around 2am Monday morning.

*takes a breath*

Work is a little... boring I think might be the word...  Well, it's not boring exactly, but it's the closest word that matches what is actually happening.  Until the end of this month, I'm helping out with a doomed project being done by the CSU web team.  I'm doing things that our Project Manager is prying out of the Project's Project Manager, which isn't as easy as it sounds...

To boot, it's raining quite heavily now, which is good for our garden, but not if I want to walk anywhere (like Trivia)...

Trivia, now that's something that is exciting!  We've been doing ok this semester... We've decided to just use our winnings at the end of the semester rather than just hording it.  We've won $45 so far, with $15 being an RSL voucher, so that's the location decided.  So at the end of the semester, we're just going to go and have some sort of piss up at the RSL.  Last week, we won $10 of that, in the most arsed result of the year.  We know we got 5/10, but they said we got 6/10 which won the round.  Hey, an easy $10, we weren't complaining...

Oh, I've also turned into the great Hattrick prophet... well not exactly, but after I signed up more than a year ago, I have had 6 other friends sign up.  We only need one more to have 8... our own league!!!@1

Anyway, I must go find more work to do...

Oh, and Tony... Hakuna Matata! ;)

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