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An update

Well... crud.

I thought I'd better make an update as I haven't made a legible attempt in quite some time.  Yes I am doing this at work at the moment because all I am doing for the next day or so is documentation, so I try and *find* distractions.  We finally went to production with CASIMS almost 2 weeks ago now.  It's been rather quiet in the time since then, as we've lived and breathed CASIMS, for me 9 months and for Bill and Nina over a year.  So now, we're kinda thinking "Now what?".  We had our 'group hug' day in Wagga last week, where we did our presentation on the application.  I think we had quite an impact on the rest of the team with what we actually put into production.  We could tell they were going to be skeptical at first and we'd heard rumours that they were going to tear strips off us with questions etc on the application.  However, when it came to actually giving the presentation, I showed them the repository and exactly how many files were involved in the application: over 10,000 and 250 megs.  What happened then?  Nothing... dead silence. 

They were shocked in awe.  At the same day was the web team.  This is a group of people who are very cocky and sure of themselves.  They produced applications for the University such as MyCSU and the forums, which were big applications as well.  They thought they were the kings of web development with their perl and stuff.  They thought Admin computing were the mickey mouse organisation that did tiny little pages here and there, but nothing large scale.  But there's always seemed to be a bit of rivalry between the two departments.

Then we've come out with CASIMS.  It shut them up on the spot.  So we took that as a kind of victory.

As we were in Wagga during the week last week, I missed indoor soccer, which I was really annoyed with.  It's one of the few things I get to look forward to during the week.  Anyway, I rang Matt (captain of the team) after I got back, and apparently we won 9-1.  Well dang!  We have indoor soccer tonight, so I am really hanging out for.

I also missed Soccer on Sunday because Sally and I were in Sydney.  We went to see the Lion King on Saturday afternoon.  Boy, if you ever get the chance to get tickets to go see it, then do it.  You won't forget it.  I was totally blown away by the costumes, the music, well the whole production.  It was awesome.  Saturday night we went and had dinner at my Brother, Andrew's house.  It was great to catch up with him again, we don't get a chance to catch up much and we had a great time chatting about family (he's been married for 4 months now) and other stuff.

Well, I better get back to my javadoc... :/

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