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Today we finally went live with CASIMS. CASIMS stands for Course and Subject Information Management System. It's the project I have been on for the last 8 months. It was the first application our department has done in Java for the web so the rest of the division has their eyes on us. Our original go live date was some time back in January, but typical Admin Computing style meant that it was never going to be met. We're finally there and tomorrow the University will get to see it in all it's glory.

So the next few days we have to put together a 3 hour presentation on Java programming and standards for the rest of the department. We were the Guinea pigs and now we have to show everyone how we did it. I will mainly give a presentation on how to use JDeveloper, as I helped in setting up the environment for development... I think.

We finally got a win in soccer on Sunday, 4-3. We were down 2-0 at one stage, brought it back to 2-2 and then was 3-2 down before half time. Right after the restart, literally seconds I'm talking here, we levelled it to 3-3 and then 10 mins from the end of the game we took the lead. I played in two positions, I started on the bench and then came on into the forward line. I didn't have much of a touch in the forwards until I switched with a guy on the wing. For the 15 mins I was on the wing, I had more touches than the 25 mins I was in the forwards. I was told, and must agree, that I looked more comfortable in the wing, where I was marking/being marked by only one person, whereas in the forwards I had the 3 defenders marking me. I even had a shot on goal; I hammered a loose ball at the top of the 30yard box towards the opposite post, low and hard, but it curved to the left away from the goal.

We have a week off soccer for Mothers Day - that's not the reason, there is a District Carnival on Sunday - so we're off to Boorowa for a Mothers day outing.

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