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You'd think sponsors would keep their word...

A couple of months ago, I received an email from a person from CyberSlam Online Gaming asking me if I wanted to organise a Counter-Strike tournament at the LAN I run, and they would provide 5 copies of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero as prizes.

I said sure, free prizes, won't say no :)

I finally got the prizes today, 2 months later (a month late) and only 3 copies instead of 5.  I guess I can't complain I guess, but you'd think they would keep to their word.  They haven't told me that I would be only getting 3 instead of the 5.


Oh well, it should be good tomorrow, we'll have to think up something to do to give them away.  Probably one as a lucky door prize, the other two as prizes for something...

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