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weird dreams...

I had a really really weird dream this morning...  I was sort of half asleep as our radio alarm had gone off at 7am.  I tend to just ignore it or listen to it in my sleep until Sally comes and yells at me. :P

Well, the radio is tuned to JJJ, and this morning there was some sort of grunge-ish rock song playing (I don't know exactly - I was asleep!) and I dreamt that I was in this band, playing the song live.  I dreamt that I was a guitarist for the band, but the strange thing was I didn't have a guitar... I was playing air-guitar.  The crowd didn't seem to mind, and kept moshing to the song.  Then to make it even more non-understandable, at the end of the song, a few people from the crowd picked up a guitar from the floor and handed it to me apologising...  Don't ask me what for...  It was then I woke up... forcefully.  Weird... :S

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