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Damage Report
Well, here at work, I have a little over a working day and a half to finish a list of changes to my print facility.   A list that is encapsulated in a small forest of paper.

Well it's a slight exaggeration, although not the amount of paper I have piled on my desk.

So the current status report is: ~15% complete with 14 hours remaining.

In other news, I think I'll agree with Sally about not getting AUSTAR for our home.  It's not because of her reasoning, which is if we had AUSTAR, we would do nothing but watch TV all the time.  I disagree with that as there is only certain things I'll watch.  The reason I think we should not get it is because I'll never get any sleep.  The few shows that I do watch are after 11pm and finish at around 3am! ARGH!

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sorry for holding you up this morning :)


i guarentee you that you wont watch it 24/7, unless youre into sport, which is fucked anyway.
Theres only like 70 i think channels, and most of them are shit (i mean, hello, theres 2 womens channels which just have Dr.Phil and sally jesse raphael on them) and then theresd like 210984q0293812093182093812938102938 doco channels but theyre all good

all in all the only things you would be up till 3 watching would be if you got the main event porn which is mediocre at its best.

I'd primarily watch it for sport (yes I am a sports nut), movies, TV1 - sci fi factor is on from 11pm till 3am weeknights, and the cartoon network.

(Deleted comment)
I can simpathise with that almost to the letter :)

Ah, gotta love the disposable income... :)

Yes, but the other half will watch a lot more television especially the Lifestyle Channel and Hallmark (gotta love those reruns)

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