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Friends Only Journal

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that poor moist pussy!


Why I oughtta wash your mouth out with soap! :P

i was thinking the same thing ;) lol

seriously some pussies look better moist *sneeze*

I'd have to agree with that... :P

*adds to friends list*

btw your hackers icon <3

I had some people post some abuse on my journal a while back, so I made it friends only...

yeah fgair enough

people abuse me sometimes, so i just revoke anon posting privalages for a while :)

That's not very nice and Zorro isn't at all pleased

bovinator's LJ stalker is mickachu!
mickachu is stalking you because they saw your picture and fell in love.. They are also slowly poisoning you!

LiveJournal Username:

LJ Stalker Finder

This is just so random... ;)
From a friend of scoie and your bro matt.

That's usually the aim of them :P

Thanks! :)

I can add you to my friends list if you like. :)

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