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Well last night scoieTony came over and we watched the "Children of Dune" dvds that I was given for christmas...  I enjoyed it a lot, threw a few unexpected things into the fray in terms of the story line which was good...  Overall 8.5 out of 10...  It needed more uber Bene Gesserit  fighting :P

Update to TPG issue...  I finally got through to them this morning:

Me: My account was supposed to be cancelled in September last year...
Salesman: It was...
Me: So why did I just get an email to update my credit card
Salesman: Ignore that email
Me: But I cancelled my account, I should not have any account with TPG
Salesman: the info is very secure, don't worry about it
Me: I shouldn't have the account still there, please remove the details
Salesman: Ok, goodbye.

Bah... Never ever choose TPG... Ultra dodgy++++++++

I also checked my credit card statements, and there are no records of TPG charging me since I cancelled so that was lucky...

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