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(no subject)
I can't seem to breathe properly...

I have sore ribs on the left side of my chest, and when I inhale to my normal capacity a sharp pain rockets through my left side chest.
I doubt it is life threatening, but it's a pain in the butt (well chest really) that I can't take a full breath of air without discomfort.

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cold-or-flu + vigorous-exercise^Oberon = sux0r

Tell me about it :( But I think I am over the cold part at least. I think it's just a stuffed muscle somewhere in that area.

if (Muscle.getSoreness()) breath.setAirIntake(-1);
if ( breath.getAirIntake() < 0 ) tiredness++;
if ( tiredness > 0 ) brain.sleep();

Heres to hoping you get better soon. Its never good to be unwell, specially when pains come with it.

Dont work yourself too hard!!!

Me? Work myself too hard? Hehe...

A game of indoor soccer seemed to get it out of me anyway. I'm still very stiff in the legs, but I seem to be 95% over the cold which is good.

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