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Chris is playing soccer again...

Yesterday I played my first game for Eglinton FC, my first game of competition soccer in 17 years - ironically under the same coach.  I was very nervous going into the game as even though I had played soccer before, I hadn't actually played a game where formations and tactics come into play.  When you're 8 formations and tactics didn't matter, it was play your posistion and everyone seemed to go for the ball.  Although I was reassured that in 4th grade mens, tactics didn't really come into play either.

We were a man short (our keeper didn't show up or possibly our best midfielder) and had no subs, so the game was going to be tough, but we stuck it to Oberon who were substituting every 5 minutes to keep the fresh legs coming.

We seemed to be a better skilled team, and in the first 10 minutes, despite being a man down, we were dominating the possession and continuously creating chances at goal.  We had 2 corners and a free kick in that first part, and then finally, with a simple play that seemed to somehow baffle the Oberon keeper, Greg Hoddle curved one round him and scored.  0-1 to Eglinton.

This is when Oberons fresh legs came into play, Eglinton was starting to tire out as we had no subs, so the possession started to swing Oberons way.  They started to push forward and find gaps more freely now and were starting to threaten our own goal.  They won a corner about half way through the half and after everyone was scrapping around for the ball in front of the goal, one of the Oberon midfielders pushed it through for a goal. 1-1 was the score.

Oberon continued their momentum and we were struggling to keep up, it was getting close to half time and we were practically stuffed.  Oberon had made a break down the wing and our defenders were caught a bit off guard.  The cross into the centre had found one of their taller forwards who had broken free of his marker and headed it into the goal. 2-1 to Oberon.

Halftime was gladly taken for us, we were stuffed, and needed the rest.

The 2nd half was a different story.  We were against the wind now, so we were afraid that Oberon were going to run through us, but it wasn't the case.  The first 5 minutes saw us the better team again.  Right from the opening kick off we found some space in the middle, then Greg Hoddle again spun around a defender and drove it at the top right corner of the goal from about 35-40 meters out.  The keeper didn't see it coming, and was left standing there.  2-2 was now the score!

From then on we basically went defensive.  Oberon were wanting the win and so changed their formation to something that resembled a 2-2-6 - packing people into the forward line to try and get that winning goal.  But we stuck to our guns and actually almost created a few chances ourselves, taking advantage of the number of people that were no longer getting back.

We were glad when the final whistle blew, we had lasted the game defending our draw.  We were happy with that result, to draw with a man down and no subs. :)

Well, here's how I came out from the game:

Chris Dunstall
25 years, inadequate form, bruised but training
Has disastrous experience and passable leadership abilities [Powerful]

Stamina:   poor     Keeper:   weak
Playmaking:   poor     Passing:   weak
Winger:   passable     Defending:   passable
Scoring:   weak     Set Pieces:   inadequate

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