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Don't try this at home folks...
What happens when you put 2 CD Roms on the same IDE Channel? If you make them eject from windows, they both eject at the same time o_O...

I finally got my pc happy with ide channels and what not in my new case (thanks Scoie! :)), it has a red cold cathode tube in it - I would have it set to flash, but it doesn't detect any sounds, so I guess I'll just have it on all the time. Now, unfortunately, I can't do any more as I need to raise some cash to get the window kit... money sucks... :|

Oh well, spent the day in Cootamundra yesterday for a work thing. The most exciting part of the day was the travelling to and from. It's a two and a half hour drive from Bathurst, and so we had a good chat on the way. Oh, and mental note to self - 6am is too early to get up in the morning. :(