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They still haven't decided on the contract level 6 jobs, it's kinda getting annoying...  If they give the contracts to other people, then I will seriously think of doing my dip-ed and start teaching...  I am getting sick of being passed over.  I'm doing the same blinking job for pete's sake.


Bucalan is this weekend.  The usual headlessness will ensue from about Friday night while I try get everything organised...
*todo list*
- Put CD ROM back in Eldons machine
- Make sure Holodeck is up to date (Must put UT2004 on it)
- Get DHCP set up on Jadzia (biggie)
- Organise with Tony about labels
- Get drinks for the day

We've got about 26 registrations so far, so it looks like it will be a nice quiet one, it's just the right size IMO...

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