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gah I hate interviews...

/me collapses...

Anyways, for those of you who don't know my cats, they don't get along.  Rose, a tortoiseshell coloured tabby female, and Zorro, a black and white male can't be within 3 feet of each other without one of them having a go at the other.  They've racked up some impressive scars on each of their noses!

But I've realised what's going on now...

Capture the Flag!

Imagine the layout of our house... it's basically a large rectangle.  Up one end, there is the garage, then kitchen, then dining/living area then laundry/bedrooms down a hall way.

Rosie's base is under the dining table... she doesn't leave it apart from eating and coming into the kitchen.  Zorro's base is the hallway onwards towards our main bedroom at the other end of the house.  Neither cat will go near the other's base, unless they really need to, you see the litter trays are in the laundry (Zorro's domain) and the food bowls are in the kitchen (Rosie's domain).  When the one of them ventures into the others domain, they get a fierce attack on them...

It's quite funny when you think about it... :P

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