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And now, back to your oringal programming...

Sorry about that... I had the need to vent some steam...

The weekend just gone was great. We had 56 at our LAN which was a record! It's very very tiring for those involved running it, but very much worth it. Just to hear people say "Thanks Phoenix, great LAN!!" is all I need to keep going. :)

My home PC shat itself yesterday, I am the next to join the long list of people who have had IBM HDD's die on them. Well, mine hasn't died, but it is coughing and spluttering and saying "I feel better" like the old guy that is being brought out to the dead wagon in Life of Brian. I need a club or something to hit and put it out of its misery. Only thing is then I don't have a HDD... :(

Scoie's and my delivery hopefully arrives today, with some cool stuff - cold cathode lights and case mod stuff... I might have to use the Window kit Groovemerchant offered me yesterday because of financial difficulties... I am not sure how I'll go cutting a fan hole in it, but we'll see how we go. I got a smaller case off Scoie, and so it is much lighter than my tank ...erm... full tower. I'll take photos of the process of modding it... it should be very interesting. :)

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