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Bad Eggs
I wasn't sure what I could expect from Mick Malloy and Tony Martin's latest effort. I really enjoyed Crackerjack and couldn't stop laughing.
When I saw the trailer for Bad Eggs, it didn't really make it out to be a comedy, but more of a drama, so I wasn't too keen on the idea.

However, Sal hired it out tonight and we gave it a go. I'm glad I did watch it (in between bidding on player on Hattrick :P), it was very funny and another good job by the two funny guys :)

Although, what is it between their movies and Mick Malloy and Judith Lucy getting it off? Their characters have gotten it off in both the movies... Wierd... :)

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I haven't seen Crackerjack, but I saw Bad Eggs. It struck me that while their characters did get together, they didn't do any kissing or anything. I wondered if they decided that that would be too weird.

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