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Ripped from Dark Horizons...

McKellan keen on "The Hobbit"

The superb Ian McKellan is developing a taste for hobbits and I ain't talking Elijah Wood. McKellan appeared yesterday on the UK's Richard &Judy chat show where he was asked about the persisting rumours that New Line is planning to go ahead with the prequel to the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy now its finally over.

McKellan seemed more upbeat and forthcoming than expected: "There is currently a situation where two companies own the rights, but when that's sorted out Peter (Jackson) and I will sit and talk it over. We've mentioned it recently and Peter is looking forward to getting it into production...It won't be long until I have to put on that blue hat again and become Gandalf - Gandalf The Grey that is!". The actor joked about his Gandalf the White being "a stick in the mud".

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Yes please, another 3 hour epic would be good. It'd make an awsome movie marathon... 12+ hours of Tolkien

I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic here...

If so, then shame on you :P If the Hobbit was done in the same sense as the LOTR, it'd be awesome despite the 5 hour movie length ;)

Me? Sarcastic? since when?

dont answer that.

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