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Tiredness is a drug...

Yes I'm tired again... :(

Dammit I need to get an early night...

Finally got the MIL's new computer running with the software she wanted, so all is well there... It'll be strange to have dinner at home for once. ;) Sally's been doing weeding in the garden in the mornings when it is cooler. Not much cooler, but cooler yes. Hopefully that cool change that was forecasted will come through.

It's amazing how fast weeds and cooch grass pops up even though there is tons of gravel on top of it. The gravel paths we had put down with the landscaping are starting to sprout little tufts of weeds and cooch grass. So this is the part where I go along with the weed killer *maniacal laugh*

Anyway, what was I talking about yesterday... that's right... too much to do...

Sometimes I am a real glutton for punishment... I take on too much. I can't stand saying no to friends, so they just keep asking and asking and asking and I happily say yes I'll do that to everything... /me thumps head on desk I have to stop that :P
Let's see... I have a Counter-Strike clan site to make for a friend, I have Hatstats coding to do, I Have ANZFED Cup stuff to do (more Hattrick stuff) and I also have some personal stuff I want to look at. On top of this, I have to help Andrew get this pc ready for Nelson Bay. You may think that isn't much but it's just finding the time to squeeze everything in. Oh well, I'll just invent the 9 day week and the 30 hour day...

On seconds thoughts... no :P

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