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Well, the end of another day at work has arrived, almost. I've been pretty out of it today, for some reason or another, I am very tired. I struggled getting up this morning... Ok... I struggle getting up every morning, but this morning was exceptionally hard. I must not have slept very well last night, well it was quite warm and with the evaporative cooler and the fan both on at their highest settings it was pretty loud in the bedroom. Now that I think about it, I'm not surprised I didn't sleep well.

I'm being inundated with tasks at the moment and I keep having to go do something else and they're not getting done. I am trying my best to keep my priorities right, and make sure I spend time with Sally and be a "normal" husband etc but I have so much to do at the moment, I am not finding time to even look at working on my model railway.

Anyway, Sal's here to pick me up, so I'll continue this later.

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