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A Challenge!

Let's see if I can manage an interesting post every day for the month of January...

Well I am back at work unfortunately. The christmas period was a good break from it all and it was good that it was a little longer this year because New Years Day was so late in the week. The good part about it is that I'm only back for about 2 weeks then I'm off again for 3 weeks for some well earned annual leave. :)

Another good thing is that we should be getting new PC's very very soon, like in the next couple of weeks. I think they are P4 3gigs with 17" TFT monitors... *finally* I might be able to use 1280x1024 @ 75Hz... It's killing me atm not being able to. :(

Anyway, yes Christmas was good. good pressies were had all round, the best one, I thought, was given to my in-laws (the whole family), was Dance Studio Mega Mix or something like that... One of the DDR series, with the mat and all for PS2. A lot of fun was had with this, and a lot more fun will still to come I think... (Andrew, are we taking it to Nelson Bay?!?! :P) I got some cool DVD's which I haven't managed to watch yet because Sal keeps hogging the tv with her dreadful Kath and Kim dvd :( I loathe that show, can't stand it.

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