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Time for a post...

Indeed... I think it is time for a post here, since I actually have something to say for a change.

Last night I watched the last episode of "Changhi". It's an Australian mini series about Australians (and others) who were POW's at Changhi in Burma during World War 2. While the other parts were quite interesting and mind blowing (what the people had to endure), this last episode absolutely floored me. I can't remember the last time a tv show or movie reduced me to tears. I guess it was brought home a lot more as I have a friend who is 92 (I think) and he is a Changhi survivor. He hasn't told me much about it (for obvious reasons) and after seeing the mini series, I'm not surprised.

Anyway, on a happier note. Today is the 23rd of December. 3 years ago today, my wife and I were married. :) Yes it's our wedding anniversary. It's been a good 3 years, albeit a rollercoaster, but thoroughly enjoyable. :) *raises glass* here's to another 50 years together. ;)

To finish off, here's some photos of our house with the landscaping finished (sort of) - 56k modem warning... big images :)

103_0378.JPG (271k)
103_0379.JPG (308k)
103_0380.JPG (228k) (This one is of the street before us. A big different from this one: MVC-007F.JPG
103_0381.JPG (286k)
103_0384.JPG (305k)
103_0385.JPG (335k)

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