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Our bed did something on Friday that we didn't like... the side bars kinda buckled on us, so for the last couple of nights we've used the mattress (which is an uber thick good quality one) on the floor. It's been wierd being so close to the floor and the bed side table being so high, but not a problem for me as camping rocks. :) However Sally isn't of the same opinion and wants a new bed NOW!

So we drove to Penrith yesterday to check out the bed places... Wasn't the most fun day of my life, as I was running on empty the moment I got out of bed. I'm still not fully recovered from one of the most exhausting Bucalan's I've ever had the pleasure to run.

It was a great day on Saturday with about 42 people coming to our last LAN of the year. We ended up using the two rooms for the first time this year, but unfortunately the projector in the other room must have been turned off at some higher level as we couldn't get it to work :( I was happy afterwards as I managed to score a dvd rip divx of Pirates of the Carribean, which I watched last night.

ADSL is going well, although I've been a little frivilous with my downloads so far this month. I'll have to curb it a bit after I've finished grabbing the dvd rip of the Matrix: Reloaded.

If you want to buy me a christmas pressie, buy me an uber big hard drive, something around 180 gigs :)

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