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The weekend in review

Well, it was an enjoyable weekend I'd say. The only down side was being asked to do a double shift on Friday. That meant flag marshalling from 6am till 10:30pm straight. I was really looking forward to taking a LOT of photos on the Friday afternoon around in other areas of the circuit especially the pits. In the 3 events I have flag marshalled so far (2x 24hours and 1 Bathurst 1000) I have never gone through the pits properly despite being given full access - that's why the photos and movies I took are all from the same area of the circuit.

Other than that it was a pretty awesome weekend.


Friday. Seeing Brocky junior spinning off at McPhillamy Park... heh that'll teach him to drive a ute like that. :P

Saturday. Seeing a Ute aquaplane and slam into the wall at our point... and the damage it did to the car... coooooooooool ;)
Also seeing a BMW M Coupe slide off at McPhillamy park and travel through the 50 m sand trap, hitting the wall at 150km/h... Needless to say, it ended up on it's roof needing the rescue crews to cut the door out to get him out.

Sunday. Monaro 1-2... 'nuff said! :)

I'm still tossing up whether to be a spectator or marshal at next years 24 hour... I really hope they fix their marshal shortage problem...

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